Korean Special Half Dried Pollack 1pcs (25-27cm) 코다리 1마리

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Kodari-jorim (코다리조림) is a savory braised dish made with semi-dried pollock fish and radish. They are simmered in a sweet and salty seasoning sauce until it’s reduced and fully absorbed, making them savory and flavorful, and the radish soft and juicy. It’s served as a side dish to rice. It’s a simple and cheap side dish popular among Koreans.

Semi-dried pollock fish is called kodari in Korean. It’s half-dried in the sun and wind and sold in a Korean grocery store in the frozen section, usually in a package of two, but sometimes as pre-cut pieces, at a weight of 1½ pounds, making them perfect for this recipe.

The key to this recipe is to slice the radish thinly. It should be about ¼ inch thick so it cooks fast and easily imparts the fish with its sweet flavor.

If you are a seafood lover, this is the perfect delicious dish for you to make at a reasonable price!


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