[2kg] Premium Back Ribs 등갈비 (갈비탕, 갈비찜, 구이)

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프라임 등급의 소등갈비로 다양한 갈비요리를 즐기세요!
왕갈비탕과 갈비찜~ 정말 둘이먹다가 하나가 죽어도 모를 맛입니다~ 두툼한 살과 함께 몸보신 하세요~~^^


Beef Back Ribs are rich, meaty, marbled to perfection and delicious. Slow cooking and Backyard BBQing just got a lot more fun with this beef! We cut this rib straight through, which means no notches and more meat. Traditional butchers cut off the meat and leave you bones. Our philosophy is a bit different, more meat, with a beautiful bone to go with it. Having the meatiest ribs in town is just the beginning, wait until you try them. Slow cook them in the oven and smell the aroma. All five senses will love you for this one.

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